The Wayfarer’s Road: Bowdancer Book 2 by Janie Franz Reviewed by Justine

The Wayfarer’s Road is the second entry in Janie Franz’s Bowdancer Saga.  The first “The Bowdancer” introduced Jan-nell.  I have not had the opportunity to read this first novella, but her second seems to stand alone with only brief references to the former work where the reader learns that Jan-nell’s husband left their home but never came back.  Ms. Franz’s latest novella offers three interesting characters –Jan-nell, her daughter Mira-nell and Khrin, the bard they meet during their journey.  I enjoyed learning about all three of them, though I think Khrin was my favorite.



I loved the entire concept of the Bowdancer… part healer, part historian, part spiritual guide.  I’m a pushover for strong women characters and Jan-nell is definitely one.  She has physical and emotional strength and is fiercely independent.  I easily empathize with Jan-nelle’s desire to pass her knowledge onto her daughter and protect her at all costs.  Her love for her daughter dictates everything she does, so her growing realization that life on the road is no place to raise a child is a burden that increases throughout the story.  The reader knows something has to give and I found myself thinking “What is she going to do? She can’t ply her healing trade from town to town forever.”  Though only a child, Mira-nell is creatively drawn by Ms. Franz.  She is old beyond her years and doesn’t see the worth of her mother’s ‘profession’.  Her quick sarcastic wit and emotionally insightful comments throughout the story kept it fresh and interesting.  Toward the later part of The Wayfarer’s Road however, it really is Khrin’s book.  The reader learns how he began his journey on the road and the turn of events that befell him.  It is he who directs the threesome on the final phase of their journey together despite initial opposition from Jan-nell.  This is not a tale of sex and passion; and that was okay for me.  This is a different story, one I’m will honestly stay I’m not use to reading.  This is a tale of the makings of a family.

There is richness to this story.  The richness of the tale is evident in the author’s detailed plant knowledge which is effectively displayed in almost every major scene in the story.  The richness of the tale is evident in the emotional journey of Jan-nelle and Khrin as they find that dream of happiness and home that everyone wants in life and they both want for Mira-nell.  It is a rich tale that I found satisfying and I think you will too.



Teaser: The Wayfarer’s Road continues The Bowdancer Saga. On the Wayfarer’s Road, Jan-nell and her daughter meet a bard with secrets who offers them the hope of belonging.

Book Description: The Bowdancer Saga continues in The Wayfarer’s Road. Jan-nell, now a woman traveling alone with her precocious young daughter on the Wayfarer’s Road, meets a handsome wandering bard. But he is carrying his own secrets along with the priceless chance at hope for her and her child to belong.

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