Warrior Women Garners Stellar Review
Franz incorporates extensive use of herbal remedies for healing as well as village dance and lore. Careful attention is paid to their beautiful descriptions, where these herbs are available, and which can be used in substitute. The Warrior Women are as closely connected with the earth as Jan-nell is, albeit in different ways.
Fiction Author Interview - the Novel Experience Podcast
The Novel Experience, a podcast created by mystery author, multimedia producer and electronic publisher Nicola Furlong, is dedicated to the craft and art of fiction writing. Episode guest is the North Dakota fantasy writer, Janie Franz.
The Wayfarer’s Road: Bowdancer Book 2 by Janie Franz Reviewed by Justine
The Wayfarer’s Road is the second entry in Janie Franz’s Bowdancer Saga. The first “The Bowdancer” introduced Jan-nell. I have not had the opportunity to read this first novella, but her second seems to stand alone with only brief references to the former work.... [Read More...]
My Writing Journey.
Though I had begun writing short fiction as a child, I never aspired to have anything in print until I took a creative writing course in high school and my teacher wanted us all to get something published before the school year ended. Ironically, the poet in the class had a first sale of a short story. I was the short story writer and I sold an essay and later a couple of poems. Perhaps it was a glimpse into the far distant future. [Read More...]
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